how the internet has changed education

How the Internet Has Changed Education

The Internet has revolution almost everything about our everyday lives, from how we work, communicate with friends and family, how we pay our bills, and how we learn. From FiOS technology to opportunities to take classes online, the Internet has made education more accessible to the majority of people. Following are five ways that the Internet has changed the way that students of all ages are receiving their education.


In the past, working adults who wanted to increase their income potential by pursuing higher education often faced limited options due to time constraints and family responsibilities. Today’s adult students can participate in online coursework from the convenience and privacy of their own homes.


Students of the past who wanted to attend specific schools had to move to the areas where those schools were located. However, because it’s now possible to earn a degree online, many students are opting to remain living in their own communities while taking classes from a school across the country.

Customized Learning Experiences

Online tools and programs offer students and teachers the ability to create customized learning experiences. Everyone learns at a different pace and by different methods, making online learning tools particularly valuable fro those who don’t thrive in traditional classroom environments.

Increased Productivity

Organization tools offered by a variety of online resources allows today’s students to be far more productive than their counterparts of the past. Free software is available to students that can streamline research and collaboration tasks significantly, saving serious amounts of time.

Immediate Information Sources

Yesterday’s students frequently spent long hours pouring through the contents of library shelves in order to find the necessary information for their projects. Today’s search engine technology makes finding information fast and easy, although students do need to become knowledgeable concerning how to differentiate legitimate sources from those that don’t offer questionable information. The sheer amount of websites available on the Internet can be daunting to those unfamiliar with navigating web resources.

As the Internet continues to evolve, our daily routines will continue to change, and how we receive our education will continue to reflect that.